HL7 FHIR® DataThon at VITALIS & MIE2018

Welcome to the Age of FHIR® - A Collaboration of HL7 Europe, HL7 Sweden, EFMI, SFMI, and Vitalis

Are you a dynamic and innovative Nordic start-up? Do you want to learn more about HL7 FHIR? Come play with data about Asthma in the Nordics! The training on Monday is free of charge- to participate on the Datathon you will need a valid ticket for Vitalis or MIE.

  • Be one of 20 start-ups that will have the unique opportunity to work with HL7 FHIR, under the guidance of world experts, to explore patient data, and be recognized for innovation.
  • Following a FHIR tutorial on Monday April 23 in afternoon, registered developers and business analysts will join the Datathon on Tuesday April 24 and use FHIR resources and profiles to access health data from 100.000 synthetic Nordic patients, answer questions and visualize results.
  • On Wednesday April 25 in the afternoon, Datathon participants will receive their certificates and share their experience and ideas with the international clinical advisory committee.

Why should a start-up participate in the MIE2018 Datathon?

  • Gain hands on experience on HL7 FHIR resources, profiles & tools on the hottest standards
  • Use HL7 FHIR to follow clinical pathways of people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, combining their health data with external resources such as UMC VigiBase and registries.
  • Learn how to use the International Patient Summary in your products to capture and to retrieve data on medications, allergies, vaccinations, conditions and problems.
  • Combine data from different sources with your inspiration to develop unique user experiences
  • Receive a MIE2018 Datathon certificate and compete for the coolest FHIR asthma app!

Content and Format

  • Half Day FHIR Tutorial; HL7 FHIR Datathon: Coaching & Competition in teams of 2-3 people.
  • No prior knowledge of HL7 standards needed, programming with XML/JSON and APIs is a plus.


App Developers, User Experience Specialists, Business Analysts, Startups

REGISTER HERE>> for FHIR Training and request to participate at DataThon

REGISTER HERE>> for ticket to MIE

Preliminary Program

Monday April 23, 2018

On-site Registration

FHIR Introductory training

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Arrival, Registration for the DataThon
You need at ticket to Vitalis or MIE to be able to enter the Venue

Getting up to Speed
• Overview of the Datathon: Scope and Objective
• Introduction to HL7 FHIR Resources, Profiles, and Tools
• Hands on Coaching with the Tools used in the DataThon

First Round of Datathon

Lunch Break

Second Round of Datathon

Datathon Wrap-up

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

HL7 FHIR Datathon Panel @ HL7 Sweden: experience, certificates and awards

MIE2018 Advisory Group Members

• Anne Moen, RN, PhD, Norway
• Doug Fridsma, MD, PhD, USA
• Petter Hurlen, MD, PhD Norway
• Emmanouella Chronaki, MD, Greece
• Line Linstad, PhD, Norway
• Simon de Luisignian, MD, PHD, United Kingdom
• Helén Seeman Lodding, MD, Sweden
• Lars Lindsköld, PhD, Sweden
• Rianne Oostenbrink, MD, PhD The Netherlands

• Francis Roger, MD, Belgiug
• Rob Hausam, MD, USA
• Christian Lovis, MD, PhD, Switzerland
• John Mantas, PhD, Greece
• Brigitte SEROUSSI, MD, PhD, France
• Michael Rigby, PhD, Ireland
• Mitch Blair, PhD, UK
• Alfred Winter, PhD, Germany
• Joao Fonseca, PhD, Portugal
• Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo, Spain

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