Transforming Healthcare in low-resource settings using free and open source software

Free/Libre and Open Source Software is very well suited for low resource settings since the source code is freely available without any license costs. Therefore, all the investments can go to adaptation, training and capacity building.
In this tutorial participants will get an overview of Free/Libre and Open Source in health care solutions and particular insight in the free health and hospital information system GNU Health.

GNU Health has been adopted in different settings and countries around the world including Argentina, Laos, Cameroon, Gabon, Mexico and Jamaica. In this tutorial we will use GNU Health as an example to present and discuss FLOSS principles with a focus on low-resource settings and give an overview of the system from a technological as well as an end-user perspective. We will present several use cases from real world implementations and present different technical implementations including set-up as a client server system as well as running on a Raspberry-Pi3.

Target Group: The target group of this workshop are people interested in the potential of FLOSS in health care. People with an IT background will get an idea of how to set up the system. Health professionals will get an overview of the rich functionality of GNU Health.

Learning Objectives: After the tutorial the participants should have an overview of the technical and functional capabilities of the system. People with basic IT knowledge should be able to download the system and install it on a GNU/Linux system or a bootable USB-stick or install it on a Raspberry PI3.

Expected outcome of the workshop:
We expect that participants can explain the difference between closed source and free software systems. Participants can assess the pros and cons as well as prerequisites and requirements when choosing a FLOSS system. The audience will have a good overview of technical requirements and a functional overview of GNU Health. Insight in real world implementation cases in different settings and basic knowledge to set-up a system with the help of the online documentation and if needed with help from the community.

As presenters, we hope to get feedback from an expert audience regarding the technical setup as well as the features of the system. In particular opinions concerning new features, first feedback on ideas and opportunities and new use cases of GNU Health in health promotion, outpatient care and research

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